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Clued In #98 | Hinting before hunting

Mihir Balantrapu  |  26 July 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

As they say, if you wish to know something authentically, go to the source. And the setter’s job is to point hintingly to the answer of course.


Everyman #3840 | 1 Across

Clue surface: A complete shambles, maybe setter’s to be given time out, quick! (4,9)

Clue types:

Definition: A complete shambles


Explanation: A simple charade of DOG’S (‘maybe setter’s’ suggests having to do with a type of hunting dog breed), BREAK (synonym of ‘time out’), and FAST (synonym for ‘quick’).

A dog’s breakfast is a very messy or disorderly situation, so called because that is presumably the condition in which a bout of slurping and licking would leave a pet’s bowl.

If you’re wondering how the setter, the performer of one of the most venerable avocations, comes to be associated uncharitably with dogs, here’s how...



sounds like: set-ter


— one of any of several breeds of hunting dogs that originally had the habit of crouching when game was scented but that are now trained to stand stiffly and point the muzzle toward the scented game. Types: English setter, Gordon setter, Irish setter.

— any of various breeds of large gun dog, having silky coats and plumed tails, so called because they can be used to indicate the direction in which game currently roams.



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