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Clued In #79 | Simple clues can make you dig deep

Mihir Balantrapu  |  01 July 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

This is how simple and clear a cryptic clue can be. A sort of recipe that, as long as you can read and follow methodically, is guaranteed to produce the answer.


The Hindu Cryptic #12975 | Dr. X | 1 Down

Clue surface: Soldier’s son, stylish, needs no introduction (6)

Definition: Soldier

Answer: SAPPER

Explanation: S (abbreviation for ‘son’) + DAPPER (synonym for ‘stylish’) without the D (as indicated by ‘needs no introduction’) gives us SAPPER, which is a word for a soldier who digs trenches.

In case you are wondering what exactly a sapper is...


sounds like: sap-per


— a soldier employed in the construction of fortifications, trenches, or tunnels that approach or undermine enemy positions.


Etymplogy: late 16th Century (as a verb in the sense ‘dig a sap or covered trench’): from French saper, from Italian zappare, from zappa ‘spade, spadework’, probably from Arabic sarab ‘underground passage’, or sabora ‘probe a wound, explore’.

(Google dictionary)


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