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Clued In #73 | Ears open, listen close

Mihir Balantrapu  |  22 June 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Don’t know an answer off the top? No worries. You can work it out by having an ear for the subsidiary wordplay indicators.


The Hindu Cryptic #12968 | Skulldugger | 16 Across

Clue surface: Reddish-purple benches for the audience (4)

Definition: Reddish-purple

Answer: PUCE

Explanation: Another word for ‘benches’ is PEWS, for which a homophone (as indicated by ‘for the audience’) is PUCE, a reddish-purple colour.

If you aren’t able to work it on your own, you can enjoy the reveal that we do here on the blog. Not to lecture, but the great thing about cryptic crosswords is that the revelation can be as enjoyable as the struggle.



rhymes with: few, mew, issue


— a compartment in the auditorium of a church providing seats for several persons

— one of the benches with backs and sometimes doors fixed in rows in a church

Etymology: Middle English pewe, from Middle French dialect (Picardy) puie balustrade, from Latin podia, plural of podium parapet, podium, from Greek podion base, diminutive of pod-, pous foot

~ Merriam-Webster


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