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Clued In #72 | So, I tweeted back LOL....

Mihir Balantrapu  |  22 June 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

When you pick up an Everyman crossword, watch out for multiple-word phrases that could be easily be cryptic definitions. Check out the ingenuity of this clue for...


Everyman #3835 | 5 Down

Clue surface: Laugh about start of written communication for a lark, perhaps (7)

Definition: communication for a lark, perhaps


Explanation: TITTER (synonym for ‘laugh’) goes around (as indicated by ‘about’) W (as indicated by ‘start of written’) to produce the answer, TWITTER, which is how a bird such as a lark might communicate.

... ‘TWITTER’ that involves two words that suggest frivolity. The irony being that the actual social media platform can be quite a humourless place.

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