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Clued In #7 | Constant vigilance advised

 |  24 March 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Well, as the novel coronavirus threat forces us all into lockdown mode, we have all the more time to luxuriate in crossword puzzles! No but seriously, we need to be all the more vigilant, careful and hope we come through this crucial period with our mental and physical well-being intact.

Here’s a timely clue from a The Hindu Cryptic puzzle by Arden that packed all these elements into one telling phrase whose surface meaning and solution we’d all do well to take to heart at this juncture.


The Hindu Cryptic #12891 | Arden | (13 Down)

Clue surface: Stand and watch with alertness (7,3)


Definition: with alertness

Clue type: charade

Annotation: WEATHER (‘stand’) followed by (‘and’) EYE (‘watch’)

Keeping a weather eye on something means being sensitive to external changes and agile when it comes to adjusting one’s strategy or approach accordingly. For the most part, this probably translates to having a keen ear to the news and developments in the ongoing situation. In the present case, the message is clear. If humanity is to weather the storm that is currently swirling across the globe, we need to be collectively and consciously watchful and respond effectively.


weather eye


pronounciation: sounds like ‘whether I’

common usage/idiom: keep a weather eye on something 

steady watchfulness, especially alertness to change

eg: “Keep your weather eye open; that means pay attention and be careful.”


So keep a weather eye on The Hindu’s reportage during the coming days!

Were there any clues that discombobulated/delighted you in the past few weeks? Let us know in the comments below.

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