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Clued In #66 | Clues on the rocks

Mihir Balantrapu  |  13 June 2020

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Check out this rocking clue.


The Hindu Cryptic #12960 | Neyartha | 14 Down

Clue surface: Mass of ice at sea reportedly seen with a building material for a cave structure (9)

Definition: cave structure


Explanation: A homophone (as indicated by ‘reportedly’) of floe (synonym for ‘mass of ice at sea’) is FLOW, which is placed next to (as indicated by ‘seen with’) STONE (an example of ‘a building material’) to give us the answer (as indicated by link word ‘for’), FLOWSTONE.


If you have solved a decent number of cryptic clues, and you see the phrase ‘at sea’, you immediately think That‘s an anagram indicator if there ever was one! Only, in this case, the setter has used it as part of a fodder (word or phrase which calls for a synonym or cryptic modification).




sounds like: flow


— sheet of ice floating on the surface of an ocean or sea.

Etymology: from Old Norse fló ‘layer’.


Once you crack the actual cryptic indicators at play, your GK (geological knowledge) needs to kick in. In fact, this puzzle by Neyartha is strewn with ‘cave structures’.





— corrugated sheet-like deposits, of calcite and other carbonate materials, that are formed when water flows down the walls or along the floor of a cave.

— a layered deposit of calcium carbonate, CaCO3, left by thin sheets of flowing water, as in a cave.


Etymology: American, circa 1920-25, portmanteau of flow + stone.


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