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Clued In #6 | Stem the spread, sail forth to safety

 |  23 March 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

As we all collectively seek to skirt the scourge currently skewering the globe, here’s hoping everyone of you is safe, sound, and in high spirits. And just to remind you, there’s nothing like successfully solving a Crossword or Sudoku puzzle to pass the time as well as keep those spirits right up.

We know that spirits can rise, fall, and in some cases walk through walls, but there are other ways a spirit may be used — for instance, when selfless, or bereft of the ego, apparently a spirit can give us an essential steering device that can help sail our ship to safety. According to Karaoke anyway...



The Hindu Cryptic #12885 | Karaoke | (1 Across)

Clue surface: Spar with selfless ghost (5)

Answer: SPRIT

Definition: Spar (noun)

Clue type: Deletion

Annotation: The letter ‘I’ (selfless) is removed from SPIRIT (‘ghost’)P

Here, Karaoke has made use of the dual meaning of the word ‘spar’ (as a verb, it means ‘fight’; as a noun, it can mean ‘a thick pole used as a mast on a shipsail’).




pronounced: /sprit/ /sprɪt/ (rhymes with spit)

a small diagonal spar used to spread a sail.

Etymology: from Old English, Anglo-Saxon spreot meaning pole.

eg: To reef the sail it is only necessary to remove the sprit, and this will reduce the area of the sail nearly half. (Ref: Harper's Round Table, July 2, 1895)



Were there any clues that discombobulated/delighted you in the past few weeks? Let us know in the comments below.

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