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Clued In #37 | Solve and close up the holes

 |  28 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Sometimes, the elegance of a clue can be best tasted as a double definition with a tidy surface.


The Hindu Cryptic #12,920 | Gridman | 6 Down

Clue surface: Solve and close up the holes (8)

Definition: Solve — close up the holes

Clue type/s: Double definition


Explanation: When you solve a riddle, it is no longer a riddle because you have ‘unriddled’ it. Also, if you stitch up a piece of cloth that is perforated or riddled with holes, you could be said to have ‘unriddled’ it, so to speak.

A veteran Crossworder like Gridman would know all about the pleasure of solving a problem by detecting and eliminating the holes in its argument or logical fabric.

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