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Clued In #351 | Gamble on cracking the clue, win the jackpot

 |  22 July 2021

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The &lit clue is one of the most refreshing occurences in a cryptic crossword. It takes place when the setter manages to compose a phrase in which the entire definition, wordplay and answer synchronise their cycles — like the sun, moon and the earth falling into a perfect line causes the rare event of a total eclipse.

You would have been happy with just working out the answer, but the setter gifts you yet another treat. It’s like when you go in for a lottery ticket hoping to win something, anything, and be satisfied with it; but then you end up winning the jackpot! It’s an unexpected bonus that is serendipitous and thrilling.

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The Hindu Cryptic #13307 | Hypatia | 14 DownClue explained:Any price arrangement involving dough, essentially (9)CLUE:

: anagram, letter-pick, &litClue types

: any price arrangement involving dough, essentiallyDefinition


We are looking for a 9-letter word that refers to ‘any price arrangement involving dough, essentially’. You see, the entire clue is the definition in and of itself, which is what we call the &lit type (and literally so)!

‘Arrangement’ is an anagram indicator. An anagram of ‘any price’ gives us PECNIARY.

‘Essentially’ is a letter-pick indicator telling us to select the essential or centremost letter of ‘dough’, which is U.

‘Involving’ is an insertion indicator telling us to put the U inside PECNIARY.

That gets us PECUNIARY, a 9-letter adjective for anything related to monetary or financial activity — in other words, ‘any price arrangement involving dough [meaning money], essentially’!