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Clued In #35 | Work is worship, workplace is home

 |  23 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

The jobs crisis is worsening as lockdowns drive up unemployment in most sectors around the world. But for some, life is much less idle on the other side of the coin.

Working-from-home was supposed to be a boon, a godsend for most of us slave-driven corporate stooges. We rejoiced at first, imagining a utopian situation of increased recreation hours we wouldn’t know what to do with. Only to discover that where earlier we would punch the clock at work, now we are punched by work round the clock.

Gussalufz seems to get this, as he wrily depicts in this clue:


The Hindu Cryptic #12,917 | Gussalufz | 30 Across

Clue surface: I’d somehow lessen unemployment (8)

Definition: unemployment

Clue type/s: Anagram, charade


Explanation: First, put down ID (literally the letters of “I’d”) and then reshuffle (as indicated by ‘somehow’) the letters of ‘lessen’ to get LENESS. Make the effort to put them together as ID+LENESS and you have your answer.

And, erm, yes the healthcare working are working pretty hard too, of course.

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