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Clued In #33 | Control, alternative, delete

 |  22 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

As our premier medicos and lab scientists work tirelessly to deliver a vaccine and delete a dreaded virus from the face of the earth, here are two clues from Bruno that require us to deploy a similar technique on the surface of the clue to deliver the answer.

First, a simple and clear recommendation to emulate a principal scientist by cutting out unnecessary platitudes in our speech and action. Science, after all, is objective and concise.


The Hindu Cryptic #12,915 | Bruno | 9 Down

Clue surface: Newton avoided flowery talk (5)

Definition: talk

Clue type/s: Deletion

Answer: ORATE

Explanation: The letter N (common abbreviation for ‘Newton’, a measure in physics) is removed from (as indicated by ‘avoided’) ORNATE (synonym for ‘’flowery) to give us the verb ORATE (synonym for ‘talk’).


And then, a run-through of the model containment strategy to be employed.



The Hindu Cryptic #12,915 | Bruno | 7 Across

Clue surface: Having Coronavirus, perhaps, Jack was isolated, given IV dose to contain onset of fever (8)

Definition: Having Coronavirus, perhaps

Clue type/s: Deletion, insertion


Explanation: The letter J (abbreviation for ‘Jack’) is removed from (as indicated by ‘isolated’) INJECTED (equivalent of ‘given IV dose’) and replaced with (as indicated by ‘to contain’) the letter F (‘onset of fever’ means the first letter of ‘fever’).


It’s touch and go as to whether Jack knew what he was being isolated from in the first place in the above wordplay. But here’s hoping Jack’s isolation eventually works out well for him and the community he is going out of touch with.

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