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Clued In #27 | When the urge to splurge surged

 |  16 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Sigh. This lockdown is making us quite frugal and thrifty, with nothing available to spend on but essentials. Long gone are the days when we would hit the malls like a hurricane, go to town on the most calorific things known to man, and do our best to boost the national GDP from the demand side.

But now, this period of enforced introversion is really cramping our style by tamping down our hardwired consumeristic behaviour. And Dr. X seems to have noticed this...


The Hindu Cryptic #12,910 | Dr. X | 20 Down

Clue surface: Pal on vacation in rush to spend extravagantly (7)

Definition: spend extravagantly

Clue types: Deletion, containment


Explanation: The letters PL (‘Pal on vacation’ indicates that we take the letters left behind after removing the contents of the word ‘pal’) go inside (as indicated by ‘in’) SURGE (synonym for ‘rush’) to produce the answer SPLURGE

... and has issued what can be taken both as a warning in public interest as well as a nostalgic trigger.

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