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Clued In #24 | Stare at me a little longer, said the clue

 |  12 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

If you keep on drawing blanks staring at clues, stare a bit longer! Here’s a nice interesting albeit easy clue...


The Hindu Cryptic #12,907 | Kriskross | 26 Across

Clue surface: Group without legendary leader is lost (5)

Definition: lost (noun/adjective)

Clue types: Letter-pick, containment

Answer: BLANK

Explanation: BANK (an example of a ‘group’ — of elevators) goes around (as indicated by ‘without’) L (‘legendary leader’ means the first letter of ‘legendary’) and draws a BLANK

Interesting to note the use of ‘without’ here in the wordplay. Usually, when you see ‘without’, it’s mostly hinting at asking you to delete some letter/s. In this case, though, it’s suggestive of the olden-time word for ‘outside’, and therefore means for you to arrange certain letters around or outside others.

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