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Clued In #21 | How setters tug at your heartstrings

 |  08 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Clues are so much fun when their surface reading conjures up a vivid image, aren’t they? The more vivid that image, the more careful you need to be not to let it interfere with your brain’s cryptic reading of the clue.


The Hindu Cryptic #12,903 | Sunnet | 1 Down

Clue surface: Fiddle duly ends and from out of nowhere... (8)

Definition: from out of nowhere

Clue type: Anagram


Explanation: Reshuffle (as indicated by the verb ‘fiddle’) the letters of ‘duly ends’.

Does this clue make you think of a violin rendition ending abruptly with a sharp record-scratch? Setters like to create these charming verbal illusions to distract you. And this is where regular solving of cryptic crosswords helps you develop a keen focus on parsing the wordplay and piercing the solution regardless of how evocative the clue is on the surface.

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