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Clued In #20 | How much do you love words? Do the math

 |  07 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Are you counting down the days till the lockdown is done and it’s OK to go out to dinner? Well, as the people in charge work out the complex math of how to get 1.3 billion to resume normal life at some point, the best thing to do might be to work out the brain with some puzzles.

Did you love, hate or tolerate maths in school? Well, cryptic crosswords clues are mini maths equations in themselves. You just have to get the hang of the fact that setters use words as arithmetic functions. Just understand which word denotes the plus sign and which the minus and you’ve just solved a charade easy as pie.


The Hindu Cryptic #12,902 | Skulldugger | 19 Down

Clue surface: Forest official in peril runs for aid finally (6)

Definition: Forest official

Clue type: Charade, deletion, letter-pick

Answer: RANGER

Explanation: First, there is DANGER (synonym for ‘peril’). Then, we’re supposed to displace (as indicated by ‘for’) the D (‘aid finally’ indicates the final letter of aid is to be picked) with R (cricketing abbreviation for ‘runs’)