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Clued In #191 | To cut nonsense out, or make the cut anon?

Mihir Balantrapu  |  03 December 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Some commenters have suggested occasionally that this blog often gives away the answer prematurely. Either with the headline or the representational image or, sometimes, even at the very beginning of the clue explanation in the Blue-bordered Box.

The point is well-taken — you want to solve along. And that is pretty awesome. However, in our defence, the purpose of these blogposts is not to trick you or deceive you like the setters are wont to. We want to be a helping hand to those without a handy guide, a silver bullet to those without a silver spoon, an encouraging enabler to those entrapped by enigma.

And if you really want...


The Hindu Cryptic #13108 | Vulcan | 24 Across

CLUE:  Detector said to be cut (6)

Clue types: Homophone

Definition: cut

Answer: CENSOR

Clue explained:

We need a 6-letter word here. It could be ‘detector’; it could be ‘cut’. We can’t quite say which.

But we know that the setter is giving us a clear-cut hint with the words ‘said to be’. That sounds just like a homophone indicator.

So, we can try think of a homophone of ‘detector’ that means ‘cut’, or a homophone of ‘cut’ that means ‘detector’. The latter would give us the answer SENSOR, and the former would give us CENSOR.

At this point, both are equally plausible. But remember, you are playing a crossword. Which means you have the advantage of crossing letters, the squares you have already filled in from earlier discoveries. With the help of those in the neighbourhood, you would be able to determine which word is the answer the setter intended you to Holme in on. It’s all rather elementary!

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