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Clued In #190 | Bamboozled yet deeply interested

Mihir Balantrapu  |  02 December 2020

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Nothing worth having comes easy. This applies to most cryptic clues, especially those where each and every word has a distinct significance. Which means that every word contains a key to the puzzle. This is the sign of a great clue — it keeps you simultaneously bamboozled and deeply interested.


The Hindu Cryptic #13107 | Incognito | 26 Across

CLUE:  Hot swirling rapids conceal helmsman’s initial difficulty (8)

Clue types: Abbreviation, anagram, containment, letter-pick

Definition: difficulty


Clue explained:

The challenge here is simply to use the wordplay and build an 8-letter word that means ‘difficulty’. Here’s how we could go about that...

The word ‘hot’ can be abbreviated as H.

‘Swirling’ is very likely an anagram indicator. So, if you anagram the letters of the adjacent word ‘rapids’, you get something like ARDSIP. That doesn’t look like a word at all, sure. But remember, anagram clues are usually accompanied by some more clueing devices, so if the anagram doesn’t provide you the full answer, just examine the rest of the wordplay more intently.

What does ‘helmsman’s initial’ mean? It literally means the initial or first letter of the word ‘helmsman’, which means we have uncovered a second H from the wordplay.

Now, ‘conceal’ means cover or mask or basically wrap around in some way. Which means, it is a containment indicator. So, if you wrap H + ARDSIP around another H, you may get HARDSHIP, which is the 8-letter for ‘difficulty’ that we have solved with great ease!


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