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Clued In #186 | Solve a clue by yourself, get a collective joy

Mihir Balantrapu  |  26 November 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

The best clues are rarely those which you understand at a glance. The setter can really mix it up. So, sometimes, you just need to toss and turn to work out the answer. In the end, solving it by yourself is the healthiest option.


The Hindu Cryptic #13102 | Arden | 10 Across

CLUE: Maybe Russian returns to Texas city half-heartedly (5)

Clue types: cryptic definition, reversal, letter-pick

Definition:  maybe Russian

Answer: SALAD

Clue explained:

Oh, look. Just a 5-letter word for the win! You still need to unravel a clue by Arden. So, you can rest assured it will be challenging as well as fun!

An example of a ‘Texas city’ is Dallas. ‘Returns’ is an indication that we need to reverse the letters of DALLAS. But wait.

Arden is telling us to reverse the letters of DALLAS in a certain way. How? ‘Half-heartedly’. The heart of DALLAS is nothing but its central letter or central letters. So, if the heart of the word DALLAS is LL, or two Ls, then half of it is just the one L.

So, just to recap, if you reverse DALLAS, you get SALLAD. But if you reverse DALLAS ‘half-heartedly’, with only one of its two hearts, then you remove one L, and get SALAD. And if you haven’t tried a Russian salad yet, you have been eating half-heartedly so far!


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