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Clued In #182 | Keep calm and solve a cryptic crossword!

Mihir Balantrapu  |  20 November 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

When you wantn to crack a mystery, you need to be attentive. For that, your mind needs to become still. It’s just like a camera that needs to be stabilised to get a clear shot of the crime scene. A blurred image isn’t great forensic evidence.


The Hindu Cryptic #13097 | Hypatia | 23 Across

CLUE: Am back inside a spa and relaxing in Yoga posture (9)

Clue types: reversal, containment, anagram

Definition: Yoga posture


Clue explained:

For a 9-letter word, it is presumable that the definition is ‘yoga posture’, which would be a long-ish word (Amirite, Venkatasubramaniaswaminatha Rao?).

So, if you look at ‘am back’, the word ‘back’ can usually suggest a reversal. So, if you reversed the letters of ‘am’, you would get MA.

Now, an anagram indicator is usually a word or phrase that suggests a lot of action and dynamic movement. But sometimes, simply a gerunded verb is moving enough to qualify as an anagrind. Here, the word ‘relaxing’ involves stillness, but the verb makes it a doing word.

So, the words that are adjacent to ‘relaxing’ are to be anagrammed. These are ‘a spa and’. And that gives us PADSANA.

What kind of a word is that? An incomplete one.

We’re forgetting our earlier find, MA, and the containment indicator ‘inside’. So, if you put MA inside PADSANA, you are sitting pretty with PADMASANA, a very relaxing and stable ‘Yoga posture’!


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