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Clued In #154 | Take in the old with the new

Mihir Balantrapu  |  11 October 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Patience is key in any endeavour. Sure, take a second to laugh at how lame and elderly that sounds.

Here’s the thing, though. Most likely, you had NO IDEA what the clue meant at first glance. See, A clue isn’t like an Instagram post, where you can tell immediately whether Sharon is flexing or BEING awesome.

To understand a cryptic clue, you’ve got to spend some time with it and understand it better. Try it. It’s actually WAY MORE FUN than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling till you find some post that you want to press ‘like’ on. And in the end, the feeling of success will make you feel so good!


The Hindu Cryptic #13064 | Dr. X| 13 Across

CLUE: Old boy babbles about nursing a little silly infatuation (9)

Clue types: Abbreviation, reversal, containment

Definition: infatuation


Clue explained:

We need a 9-letter word here that means ‘infatuation’. And here’s how you could solve it.

‘Old’ and ‘boy’ are outright candidates for abbreviations. O is a shortened way to say ‘old’. And B is a common way to abbreviate the word ‘boy’. In fact, ‘old boy’ is a conventional way that male alumni of British universities are referred to, often abbreviated as OB.

Another word for ‘babble’ is NOISE. So, ‘babbles’ would be NOISES. So, from ‘babbles about’ we should infer a reversal of NOISES; i.e. SESION.

SESION will be ‘nursing’ or containing within itself ‘a little silly’.

Now, ‘a little silly’ is just another way of saying we need just a little bit of the word ‘silly’, which is S.

So, if OB and SESION contain S, the newly birthed word for ‘infatuation’ is OBSESSION! (Though the word may be newly birthed here, the idea of infatuation itself is as old as Romeo and Juliet’s ancient ancestors. So don’t mock elders when they are being hella obsessive about all the really old things they love. They’re just being themselves. You will too most likely. So be nice to your future self, OB and OG).

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