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Clued In #15 | Snacking on crosswords

 |  01 April 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Today we take a break from the heavy stuff and just munch lazily. Here are some simple four-lettered words from Incognito to snack on and get yourself through the day:


The Hindu Cryptic #12,898 | Incognito | (30 Across)

Clue surface: Left, for example, papers in empty suitcase (4)

Clue types: Containment, letter pick

Definition: Left, for example

Answer: SIDE

Annotation: ID (synonym for ‘papers’) goes inside (‘in’) SE (‘empty suitcase’ means SUITCASE)



The Hindu Cryptic #12,898 | Incognito | (32 Across)

Clue surface: Little Sidney returns with hot plate (4)

Clue types: Abbreviation, reversal

Definition: plate

Answer: DISH

Annotation: First, you have SID (‘little Sidney’). Then you reverse it (‘returns’) to get DIS. Finally, you add an H (abbreviation for ‘hot’) at the end.


The Hindu Cryptic #12,898 | Incognito | (1 Down)

Clue surface: Throw balls in container (4)

Clue types: Double definition

Answer: BOWL

Annotation: If you throw balls in cricket, you BOWL. A container is a BOWL.

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