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Clued In #143 | Cryptic clues hard to grasp? Easy does it!

Mihir Balantrapu  |  28 September 2020

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When you see something easy, do not run away from it thinking it is beneath you. The easier something feels, the more energy and effort you can probably afford to safely expend on it in trying to better your previous effort. Always take advantage of the easy ones.

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Everyman #3849| 6 Across

CLUE: Revolutionary plans to send annoying messages (4)

Clue types: Reversal

Definition: annoying messages

Answer: SPAM

Clue explained:

This one is very simple. So, enjoy it, even if what the answer refers to is rather annoying.

We need a 4-letter word that means ‘annoying messages’. In addition to being the definition to the clue, ‘annoying messages’ also pretty much defines most the information that consumers are exposed to in this day and age. Still, it is interesting to work out how we got there...

Another word for ‘plans’ could be MAPS. But because you see the word ‘revolutionary’ before it, we need to reverse its letters, to get SPAM.

The words ‘to send’ would seem rather unclear. But all they are trying to say (rather badly) is that if you work out ‘revolutionary plans’, it will lead you to the answer as defined by the definition ‘annoying messages’. (You don’t want to get annoying messages but you do want to get the answer!)

And you must have already guessed the answer, what with being so familiar with it in your daily life, is SPAM!

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