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Clued In #14 | Isolation’s easy when you have a crossword puzzle for company

 |  31 March 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

As we all incarcerate ourselves in our homes and proudly do our bit for humanity, we can’t ignore the challenge that other less-domiciled people are facing. Be it many migrant workers who are in effect stuck at the workplace without the option to work from home, or people unable to ‘get out of a meeting’, some of us are clearly more inconvenienced than others by this whole COVID-19 business.

Nevertheless, for all of us dreading being cooped up like this for another two weeks, Incognito offers some philosophical solace with this clue:


The Hindu Cryptic #12,897 | Incognito | (2 Down)

Clue surface: Saint builds stupa around beginning of year, and remains in same place (5,3)

Clue types: Anagram, abbreviation, insertion

Definition: remains in same place


Annotation: First, we have ST (common abbreviation for ‘Saint’). Then the letters of the bizarre word ASPUT (which we get after the letters of ‘stupa’ are reshuffled as indicated by ‘builds’) are placed around Y (beginning of year)

And speaking of solace, here’s a good time to remind everyone how effective crossword and sudoku puzzles can be at keeping the quarantine ennui at bay. So, if you haven’t already, this might just be the best time to subscribe to THCrosswordPlus and earn a new friend to keep you fun company all the way through this isolation and beyond!

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