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Clued In #139 | A philosopher who loves Italian cuisine

Mihir Balantrapu  |  22 September 2020

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You see, a cryptic crossword puzzle isn’t something everyone picks up in the morning as soon as they wake up. It should be. But unfortunately, the first thing most people do in the morning is one of three things — check their phone for messages, switch on the TV or go to the toilet.

Two of those are not really that important. One is. But even before (or actually while) doing that third really important thing, you should really consider trying out the cryptic crossword puzzle! (It’s really the ideal time to do so). It will really get you going and open up your brain for any challenges that you may go on to face during the day!


The Hindu Cryptic #13046 | 1 Across

CLUE: Philosopher cooked risotto without onions originally in drink (9)

Clue types: Anagram, deletion, letter-pick

Definition: philosopher


Clue explained:

Here, we’re looking for a 9-lettered word that means ‘philosopher’, apparently.

And the wordplay that is going to help us figure out the answer contains the following words: ‘cooked risotto without onions originally in drink’. Let’s see how that works!

Take the first two words of the wordplay ‘cooked risotto’. See, the word ‘cooked’ is a sign that the next word ‘risotto’ is an anagram. Which means that you need to reshuffle the letters of ‘risotto’. That could be TORISTO, or ISTORTO, or SORTITO, or ORISTOT. What! All these are nonsensical words. But wait...

... Then the setter is saying ‘without onions originally’. What do you think ‘onions originally’ could mean? Maybe it means that the original letter of ‘onions’ needs to be removed. What a bummer. But that’s what the setters has indicated. The setter seems to have miscalculated the number of Os in the word ‘risotto’. It has two, but he needed only one for the answer. So, now he has to remove one of them.

And then, you have the words, ‘in drink’. That means that all the letters we have figured out above will need to be placed inside another word for ‘drink’. Well. ALE is a synonym.

So, if you put an anagram of risotto inside ALE, you may get ARISTOTLE. And look, that’s the name of a ‘philosopher’, which is the word we were looking for a 9-lettered synonym for!

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