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Clued In #135 | The Lord’s message in a bottle

Mihir Balantrapu  |  16 September 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Did you ever think that all life is an act of courtship? That you have been in a relationship since you were born? That, all this while living, you have been wooing and will continue to be wooing the Ultimate? Whatever That Is?

Whatever spiritualists call The Spirit, whatever religious people call God, whatever alcoholics refer to when they say at final call: “More of this divine spirit!”?


The Hindu Cryptic #13041| 12 Across

CLUE: Finding out how long something has existed in a relationship? (6)

Clue types: Double-definition

Definition: in a relationship; finding out how long something has existed

Answer: DATING

Clue explained:

This clue wants you to understand that dating is a lifelong process. If even longer.It is a double-definition clue, in which you need to split the wordplay into two separate parts, and then find that each one in fact leads to the same solution or answer.

You see, ‘finding out how long something has existed’ is exactly what carbon-DATING is a process of doing.

And, also, ‘in a relationship’ is what you post on your Facebook profile under relationship status if you are DATING someone.

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