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Clued In #11 | Why go under when the surface is so good?

 |  28 March 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

This gloomy Sunday, get a shot in the arm with a deep (or superficial) clue by Incognito...


The Hindu Cryptic #12895 | Incognito| (8 Across)

Clue surface: Disreputable bar’s urgent order for subs (4)

Answer: DIVE

Definition: Dispreputable bar; urgent order for subs

Clue type: Double definition

Such a fun surface.

So, Dive Bars in the United States are shady sort of drinking holes that serve cheap entertainment and are often located in basements. One such bar is known as a Dive.

Surely such places are likely to receive urgent orders from clientelle for food items such as sub-sandwiches...

... as are submarines, which have to spring (or plunge) to action when they receive an urgent order to dive, or go under...

.... which is also something that folks entering dive bars in the 1800s might have done, both as they entered the underground pub and after an overdose of a binge.

Such a tiny word to offer so much scope for lateral thinking.

Happy Sunday, everybody. Stay safe, and don’t go under any time soon!



sounds like: dahyv


— to go below the surface (underwater or underground)


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