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Clued In #103 | Can’t bring the King back, but you can reverse anagram him!

Mihir Balantrapu  |  01 August 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Are you getting good at solving cryptic crosswords? Well, maybe it’s time for you to try to write clues yourself! Want some practice? Here’s one that lets you take the wheel for a bit, as a welcome change from always being the screaming passenger that’s taken for a ride...


The Hindu Cryptic #13002 | KrisKross| 30 Across

Clue surface: How to clue for “Arts and Elvis”, say (4,4)

Clue types: Reverse Anagram, Definition by example

Definition: Elvis, say


Explanation: We’re looking for a two-word phrase here, four letters each, that describes ‘Elvis’ in some way.

This clue also has a really candid and frank way of telling us that it is a Reverse Anagram type.

Remember that the Reverse Anagram gives you a word, asks you to assume that it is an anagram, and then tells you to step into the setter’s shoes and write an anagram clue for that word. And, like I said, ‘How to clue for Arts...’ is a clear way of instructing you to do just that.

(Also, RA is an abbreviation for both Royal Academy of Arts as well as Reverse Anagram)

Now, ‘Arts’ is an anagram of ‘star’. Which means STAR is one of the two words we’re looking for. The other word, then, must be the anagram indicator, which could be ROCK.

Put them together, and you get ROCK STAR, which Elvis Presley (God rest his soul), undeniably was.

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