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Clued In #102 | Demonstration of how a cryptic clue is unlocked

Mihir Balantrapu  |  31 July 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

The awesomeness of a cryptic clue lies in how vivid a story it tells on the surface, while simultaneously containing a whole other coded message underneath.


The Hindu Cryptic #13001 | Afterdark | 18 Down

Clue surface: Say, Pondicherry district in demonstration, to start non-cooperation against closure (8)

Clue types: Insertion, containment, abbreviation, definition by example, letter-pick

Definition: closure


Explanation: We’re looking for an 8-letter word that means ‘closure’.

‘Say, Pondicherry’ is asking us what Pondicherry is an example of — it’s a Union Territory, or UT. So, we get the letters U and T.

Then we have ‘district’, which can be abbreviated as D.

Another word for ‘demonstration’ could be SHOW.

The word ‘in’ means for us to put UT and D into SHOW, which gives us SH+UT+D+OW

Finally, ‘to start non-cooperation’, you’d need to put down the first letter of the word ‘non-cooperation’, which would be N.

Altogether, the clue spells out SHUTDOWN.

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