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Clued In #101 | Feeling henpecked? Keep egging yourself on

Mihir Balantrapu  |  29 July 2020

Hey there, and welcome back to Clued In!

Cryptic crossword setters can use words and hint at everyday objects in totally outlandish ways. Check this clue out...


The Hindu Cryptic #13000 | 27 Across

Clue surface: Element found on layer outside a piece (7)

Clue types: Containment

Definition: Element


Explanation: You get an A from the given alphabet ‘a’, and LOG is a synonym for ‘piece’ (either as a piece of wood or a piece of writing on a blog). Around (as indicated by ‘outside’) these two charade components, you pencil in HEN (a tongue-in-cheek example of a creature that lays eggs and, therefore, is a ‘layer’ of eggs).

So much whimsy packed into so few words. Rest assured, this freedom to play around with word meanings also obligates the setter to take great care that the hint and answer are always of the same part of speech.

A halogen, by the way, if you haven’t touched your dusty chemistry textbook in a while, is one among a set of six periodic table elements that usually react with metals to produce salts.

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