Clued In (Blogs)

Puzzled by puzzles? Get clued in!

 |  30 September 2019

Hello and welcome to Clued In, a space where you can let your hair down, untangle your crossword gridlocks and go over tough clues with a fine-tooth comb! 

TH Crossword+ offers you a bucketload of puzzles to dunk your head into and guzzle up. And when you come up for air, Clued In will be waiting right here, so you can wash all that fodder down with a host of interesting trivia and tidbits.

Spent the entire week agonising over a clue you just couldn’t crack? Come on over, and you might just find that same clue nicely annotated for you, along with the setter’s side of the story.

(And while we have the torturers in the dock, we will grill them about their diabolical modus operandi and get their signed confessions.)

After all, we want this to be a one-stop shop for interesting puzzles with tips on the side on how to solve the hard ones. If you’re just looking around (or browsing), that’s fine. Maybe you’ll solve that one puzzle or clue and discover your very own everlasting secret to being a solutionist. Maybe you’ll get the knack for how to solve like an enigmatologist. Maybe you’ll fall in love with words and become a full-on cruciverbalist.

If you’re new to crosswords and Sudoku, all the better! No one starts off as a scratch player. We all have to start from scratch. Cryptic clues can leave the smartest people scratching their heads at first. But scratch the surface, and you’ll soon discover new ways to get your game up to scratch.

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