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1. What is The Hindu Crossword+?

The Hindu Crossword+ is an advertisement-free, subscription-based website that publishes interactive crosswords, puzzles, and articles, including The Hindu’s daily crossword, crosswords from The Guardian and Sportstar, Sudoku puzzles, and more. The crosswords and puzzles are in an interactive format that is easy to use across various devices, including smartphones. The website publishes up to six crosswords in a day, and at various challenge levels, including those for children. The website keeps track of how much a user has progressed on a crossword so that they can easily return to the puzzle later. The website also carries articles related to crosswords and puzzles.

2. What are Cryptic Crosswords?

In Cryptic Crosswords, each clue is a puzzle in itself, rather than a direct word meaning or a question. The solvers will need to crack hidden hints, anagrams and meanings in the clue to piece together the final word that needs to go in the grid.

3. What is The Hindu Crossword+ digital subscription?

A digital subscription to The Hindu Crossword+ will provide you access to The Hindu Crossword+ website and all the crosswords, puzzles, and articles that it publishes.

4. Why should I subscribe to The Hindu Crossword+?

The Hindu’s daily cryptic crossword, which has gained a vast following over the decades it has appeared in print, is available online in an interactive form only under this subscription. The subscription also unlocks a vast archive of The Hindu’s cryptic crosswords. You also gain access to crosswords made by master setters at The Guardian, crosswords designed to challenge young and growing minds, and also multiple versions of the world’s favourite number game, Sudoku. Avid crossword solvers can also gain insights from our articles published alongside the puzzles.

5. How do I subscribe to The Hindu Crossword+?

To subscribe, you need to first register for a The Hindu Group account. This sign-up is free! If you already have a The Hindu Group account, you can go ahead and purchase a plan that is suitable for you.

Ready to subscribe? Click here for our current plans subscribe

Please note: The Hindu Crossword subscription does not currently cover our The Hindu Digital subscription and/or e-paper Subscription.

To subscribe to our e-paper, please visit https://epaper.thehindu.com

For The Hindu Digital subscription for the website, please visit https://subscription.thehindu.com

6. How do I become a registered user?

Sign up for free! If you are a new user, who has never had an account registered with us using your e-mail address or mobile number, you will need to sign up with The Hindu Group first. The process will ask you to provide and verify your e-mail address or mobile number using an OTP. Once it is verified, you can set your password. Congratulations! You are now a registered THG user.

You can subscribe to the premium services after you have signed up with us.

Clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button anywhere for The Hindu Crossword will take you to the Subscription Plans page.

Once you subscribe, your subscription plan starts on the same day nd you will be able to access all the premium features of crosswords.

Clicking ‘Subscribe’ in the Sign in/ Sign up page will also take you to the Subscription plans page.

In the Subscription Plans page

Step 1: Select a suitable plan.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a page with plan and price details.

Step 3: You can then proceed to make payment.

Step 4:Once you choose to proceed with the payment, you will be taken to the payment gateway page. You can select the mode of payment and filling any required fields, you can click ‘Pay Now’. You will now be taken to the Payment Gateway to complete the transaction.

Step 5: After the payment is done, you will receive an SMS or e-mail from us on whether your transaction has succeeded or failed. In case of a failed transaction, a message will appear letting you know that the transaction has failed along with the options to ‘Try Again’ and ‘Try Later’. If you click on ‘Try Again’, you can go back to the payment page to try again.

If you get a ‘Payment Success’ screen at the end of the process, you are now a subscribed user.

7. Is there any trial period available for The Hindu Crossword+?

You will be eligible for a one-time free trial as soon as you sign up. The free trial is valid for 7 days.

8. Can my subscription be automatically renewed?

No, your subscription will not be auto-renewed. Once your subscription expires, you need to revisit the Subscriptions Plan page and select a plan.

Before your subscription expires, we will alert you via SMS or e-mail and share an update on your dashboard, so that you’re kept informed about this.

You have complete control over your subscription and can contact us at support.crossword@thehindu.co.in to change or cancel at any time.

9. I don't want to subscribe. Can I still use The Hindu Crossword+ for free?

If you sign up for the first time, you get 7 days of free trial for The Hindu Crossword+. Also, you will be able to play the 10 free crosswords and puzzles that we have provided once free trial gets expired.

10. How are digital subscriptions billed?

As a digital subscriber, you can pay via debit or credit card, net banking, e-wallet, UPI.

View The Hindu Terms and Conditions

11. Can I get a refund on my subscriptions?

Users are only eligible for refunds during the first 7 days post making the purchase. For Giveaway campaigns, wherein the user will get free gifts, material, etc. refunds are not applicable. For plans with cashback offers, refunds are not applicable. Chargeback requests will only be processed if the request was made within 10 days from the date of payment.

To apply for a refund please write to support.crossword@thehindu.co.in, along with details such as your transaction ID (available in your invoice), your registered ID (mobile number/ email address) and the reason for the refund.

Once your refund has been accepted, it takes around 7-10 days to process.

12. Can I use either my mobile number or my e-mail address to login?

Yes. If you have registered either your mobile number or your e-mail address with us, you can use it to log in to your account.

13. Can I register multiple mobile numbers and e-mail addresses?

No. Your e-mail address and mobile number are your unique identifiers. For the safekeeping of your account, we only allow one e-mail and one mobile number per subscriber.

14. How do I change my digital subscription plan? What happens if I chose to change my current plan?

To change the plan, please go to the Subscriptions Plan page. If you subscribe to a new plan while another plan is active, the new plan will take effect from the day your current plan expires.

15. I have made the payment, but my plan is not active

If your payment has gone through but you’re still unable to activate your plan, send us an email with the following details:

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction amount
  • Plan Name
  • Your Registered ID
  • Date of transaction
  • Your Bank Name
  • Mode of transaction (Debit Card, Credit Card, e-Wallet)

Please send these details to support.crossword@thehindu.co.in

16. I am unable to get an OTP?

An OTP (One Time Password) can sometimes get delayed due to network issues. Kindly wait for five minutes for this to reach you on your device.

If you are still unable to get an OTP, you can write to us on support.crossword@thehindu.co.in we will get back to you right away.

17. My transaction failed. Why is the amount refunded by the bank lesser than the amount I paid?

For a failed transaction, the amount refunded by the bank will not include the GST collected.

18. Why am I seeing the subscription prices in dollars?

The prices for subscribers outside India are different and are in U.S. dollars

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On issues relating to payment, subscription, and The Hindu Crossword+ experience, write to us at the mail address mentioned below

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